Our American friends recently celebrated “their Christmas” and the festive table is no longer just a distant goal; indeed let’s face it, if we want to do things right, we are also a little late. Zero pressure, I swear. Except that if you are like me, that is, you love beautiful things and organization and, last but not least, attention to detail and the construction of unforgettable moments, it is clear that you cannot improvise. The table has always been the undisputed star of the holidays but if there is one that truly represents the supreme beauty it is that of Christmas.

I understand that when there are many – I am Sicilian so who has more relatives than me? – thinking of setting the table with something other than plastic / paper seems madness. I myself celebrated at long children’s tables with the classic red plastic plates and then with the advent of those collections made from paper that are also highly sought after. Setting up with the service of dishes – for more than twenty people – is certainly an investment first of all in economic terms and not least of patience because dishwasher or not is certainly a good job. I speak for myself, without judging God forbid, but since Christmas is celebrated in my house I have chosen to abandon plastic and paper forever. I’m not a big fan of the genre for the rest of the year.
This year we will spend the eve once again at my home with the family. Pier’s mother and sister will come and there will be my beautiful granny, my uncles and my cousins. We will be waiting for midnight in my new office, which if you follow me you know contains a tea room, a drawing room and a Victorian kitchen. It was a huge gift that I gave myself after these three years of effort, especially psychological.

I needed to build something beautiful and make my dad proud. I have done several things that I hope will make this happen, although rationally I know they are nonsense just to survive, but the Victorian kitchen and living room are just my icing on the cake. Very special cake this year, by the way. And so on a six-meter table designed by my cousin and inlaid and worked by a talented carpenter, together with Chester sofas and white hairy cushions, I will fixture and the dominant colors will be white and copper which is not rose gold, although it concerns me. However, we will also be able to spend the moments of the equipment together, just like last year. Moments that I really enjoyed and that I shared with real honor and pleasure. I have forks and so do the dishes. I don’t know how I will make the place cards but many ideas are being examined and then there will be enormous traditions – but not annoying – centerpieces, even if I still don’t know with which flowers. Certainly whites, needless to say. This year the fur effect is sure to go and therefore hairy and I fell fully in the mood. I got some plaids, runners, cushions as I told you and also some rugs that Koi likes a lot. In this regard, at Maisons du Monde I found some very beautiful and soft runners that I think I will sew to be able to make a whole one. The table is really six meters long and it really is all in one piece. I don’t tell you what it took to do it, draw it and above all imagine it. We will sit comfortably with large and adequate equipment, because one of the things I dreamed of was a royal Christmas. A dream. A dream that all the members of my family deserved for the effort of this difficult year. Without my dad, me and mum above all.
Of course the pain of not seeing him at the head of the table will be a stab in the heart and there was a moment – taken from the memory of Armaggeddon, the film I don’t know if you remember – that I said to myself: maybe hardcover at the head of the table is not a bad idea !
Then I came to my senses, come on.
Or maybe not, who knows.
I’d like some real wood mats. Do you know the circle ones? Here are those. My beloved uncle Peppe also made me a beautiful centerpiece with real beech, complete with candles that indicate Advent. Four to be exact.

I am extremely fortunate to have a varied, eclectic and very artistic family. I enjoyed my family a little and this, while I’m sorry on the one hand, invites me to do better and more and more. For this reason I want to set the table well, do things with passion and decorum and dedicate myself to all the most beautiful things I can do. The menu? I’m still on the high seas. I also had the idea of ​​a vegan Christmas. My family on the twenty-four does not eat meat but only fish by tradition, but in the long run we made a bit of all of them. Veg but never. I still do not know but for sure something completely different from last year, which was a Christmas dedicated to fish and also many Sicilian preparations: expelled including inevitable. And it will be this year too.

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