There is only one week left and it will officially be Autumn even if on August 15th, while I was looking at the stars with my beautiful sister-in-law, I was not too secretly toasting the end of Summer. Unpleasant for many, but over time the change of season has become a serious matter. If twenty years ago I didn’t care at all, apart from studies and vacations, what month it had been for about a decade, yes. Does this also mean growing up? I think so. Pain, ferocious intolerance to heat and seasonal annoyances such as allergies and things that are not too frivolous, like that. I’m changing the graphics of the site, of the YouTube channel that I have decided to reuse and of anything that can come to mind. Just how do you do it with the wardrobe, with the dishes and pillows? With all. I picked up my beloved font which so closely resembles my all-baroque, round and exaggerated writing and the dishes that exude a desire for Autumn and Halloween from all pores of porcelain and stoneware. I point out that on Hm Home there are many dark dishes at a good price perfect for this mood, that tognana has made this series with pumpkin dishes that are nothing short of wonderful and that also on Zara Home and Anthropologie they are bringing out wonders. Yesterday while I was cooking these new potatoes with mushrooms and cutting the chives, even though there was African heat-allergy-wind like a hairdryer in my face, I suddenly felt happy. Here Autumn is that unmotivated happiness. The comfort of the sweater on the shoulders and the desire to run. Because I measure my whole life with “desire to run”. If I feel like running it means I’m fine. If I don’t feel like it, it means I’m really sick. And so far I have been really bad. The races, the mushrooms and the new potatoes, the desire to start over and change from something that has held you back as immobile as quicksand.
Good start to you too. Without goals, plans, programs and impositions but the desire to start again, yes. Another time. Relentlessly.
I love these new potatoes sauteed with champignon or shiitake mushrooms. A little thinly sliced ​​fresh onion and go. Truffle-scented extra virgin olive oil drizzle, even better. Delicious and simple.
What I have always liked about Nigella Lawson is the ease of execution of her recipes. I found her communicative method from her food series to be brilliant, even if it was done more than ten years ago. A pioneer: she arrived first of all and it is necessary to recognize – apart from this – this non-replicable method of communication. Only she could be sexy, nice and incredibly never out of place as she grabbed chicken legs in the taxi with all her skin. I loved that jacket or coat that flew on the sofa while in the other hand there was a very greasy piece of chicken; in short, she has succeeded in the impossible.
I saw the bag method for the first time by her and therefore for me it is Nigella’s motherhood; I hope I will be forgiven for this inaccuracy should you be otherwise. One of the first recipes in the bag that I saw Nigella perform was that of chicken with potato chips in a bag – passed into Italian food history thanks to Parodi – that is, you stuffed everything inside and “breaded” like this, but also in chicken curry it was teacher with the bag method: pieces of chicken inside the bag with flour, curry, spices and salt. She waves here and there smiling at the room. She throws it in the pan and away. The game is done!

But do you know the bag method?
If you don’t know it, what follows will be a sensational discovery, because when you try it you will never be able to do without it. The same one I use to make these Street-pi-tooooo-seeee sweet potatoes !!!!
I don’t know if this method has a name but I like to call it that. Easy, intuitive and fast: the bag method. I mean resealable envelopes / bags. (Those Ikea are my obsession and I buy pallets on pallets -and I reuse with care- when I can and of all sizes. Imagine that I also pack the suitcase with the Ikea envelopes / bags, but maybe we’ll talk about this next time, uh?)
Wash and cut the potatoes. You put them in the bag. In the bag, add extra virgin olive oil, coarse salt, Turmeric, curry, ginger, dried aromatic herbs or whatever you prefer. Close the bag and shake well. Once all the potatoes have “seasoned”, bake at 200 for 30-40 minutes; it clearly depends on how big the potatoes are and the oven. Check with a fork. Sweet potatoes tend to soften easily.

If you want to know:
Crispy, sticky and flavorful chicken
You put all the ingredients in the bag and shake it. In this case, the oil, salt and chicken legs with soy sauce. And then, after letting the chicken marinate in the fridge in the closed bag, I put it on baking paper and then in the oven and go.

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