In Mabon mythology it is indicated to represent the God of youth, hunting, vegetation and crops. Mabon, son of Modron and Mellt; Mabon is associated by many historians with the figure of Apollo; a sort of Celtic Apollo even if others still compare him to the figure of Demeter / Persephone due to many correlations and analogies.

For many Mabon it is one of the eight Sabbat / Sabbaths; in fact, the year in paganism and many other neo-pagan religions is represented by a wheel; the so-called Wheel of the Year which represents the natural cycle of the seasons. The passage of time is indicated on a wheel: Yule 20-23 December, Imbolc 1 February, Ostara 19-22 March, Beltane 1 May, Litha 19-23 June, Lughnasadh 1 August, Mabon 21-24 September, Samhain 1 November. The passing of the seasons is reflected in our life as birth, growth, decline and death.

Very fascinating and complex, all of it. Today, in effect, with the Autumn equinox, which can also happen on September 23rd, one of the most popular seasons begins. Needless to say: mine. Absolutely.
The smell of the light rain coming and the scent of cloves at the first bite of the Naples copper, autumnal Catania biscuits. Fingers that taste like orange after peeling and smelling it. Grapes that bring you back to the vegetable garden and pumpkins to admire by inventing stories about shapes as you do with clouds. And then the lighted candles, the bread warmed near the fireplace with a drizzle of oil that pricks the throat. The search for leaves, the first chestnuts and all cushions to be arranged and stacked as turrets where you can climb for the most beautiful dreams. Twist yourself in the blanket, burn your tongue with the herbal tea and retrieve the lemon slice at the bottom of the tea cup. Scent the house with spices, tie cinnamon sticks and churn out the apple pie to crumble while laughing on the sofa. Pull the blanket to you, cover your hands with the sweater, cling to the cardigan as if in an expected hug. The kettle whistles as the floured table fills with trays overflowing with biscuits. To be kept in the tin and stolen before going to bed. First one. Then two.
Six many things Autumn. I would have missed you even if I had never lived you. I would have invented you to feel happy; but I could never have drawn you so beautiful.

I decided to celebrate this new beginning with a very good cream of spiced pumpkin and coconut milk, salted granola and champignon mushrooms (with a hint of wasabi that create a delicious contrast with the sweetness of the pumpkin, in this case a Hokkaido)

I did everything in the thermomix, honestly. I love it for this type of preparation because it dirty very little and I cook directly there and that’s it. But how is it done?

The pumpkin is cooked in the oven at 180 for about 30 minutes but it depends on the pumpkin. It must become soft. Once cooked, blend and put in a saucepan. Add turmeric, curry, pepper and all the spices you like and let it go over low heat. At this point, add a little coconut milk Рfor Cooking, not for breakfast Рand it turns well. In the meantime, saut̩ the champignon mushrooms and, if you like, a pinch of wasabi powder, diluting with water but this is not a general step. Finally, the soup is served with mushrooms and salted granola on top.

Inside a bowl I put what I like and want: almonds, oats, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, any seeds and nuts. I add a spoonful of extra virgin olive oil and stir everything well until everything is oiled. If you need more, I add. Salt and pepper. Then I transfer to a baking tray covered with parchment paper and put at 180 for 15 minutes. I keep in glass jars with lids but it doesn’t last that long! Although it can do it even for more than 10 days but I would not go further. Perfect for soups and also for salads. The salty malaxer, let’s face it, is never enough.

I love pumpkin with all of myself. I like it in sweet and savory preparations. Either way it is surprising, tasty and amazing. Whether it’s the pumpkin and orange scented sandwiches, whether it’s the pumpkin spice latte or the creamy velvety with coconut milk and crunchy popcorn. Here you will find a selection of pumpkin recipes – all exclusively veg – most clicked, loved and simply good.

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