Those who follow me on the blog, I noticed, often don’t do it on instagram or vice versa. Similarly, those who give me the pleasure of being there on Facebook don’t do it on twitter or vice versa. In the last two years there is no doubt that social networks have literally narrowed and channeled only and exclusively towards instagram.
I’d like to dedicate a post to my diet change and I will. A nod, however, I must give it, otherwise if I tell you that I liked the Stilton you could fall into an abyss of misunderstanding. Due to a very strong vitamin deficiency, various aggressive allergic reactions and a period ranging from August 2018 to the present day, I had to integrate food. From 2010 until November 2018 I followed a totally vegan diet (in a few episodes – from August 2018 – I tried to take some milk. Attempts failed miserably). I totally underline why it is now so fashionable to say “I’m vegan but once a month I eat chicken frankfurters”, or “I’m vegan but once a month I make a slice of meat and a little parmesan” which seems only right to emphasize and give a real sense. Even the phrase “I’m vegan” – never uttered – could make you fall into an abyss of words and misunderstandings; for this reason I have always maintained “I follow a vegan diet”.

I followed a totally vegan diet from 2011 to 2018 and previously a totally vegetarian one from around 1998. I never marked the date but I remember perfectly that since 2000 I had not eaten meat and fish for many months. The weight loss of eighty kilos, the eating disorders, the depression due to the death of dad (Pollyanna levate!) And away! It goes without saying that my body has undergone abnormal changes and -mea culpa- not having always been faithful to supplements and the like, I found myself with a frightening deficiency of D3 above all and B12. Shamefully low levels. I’m just saying that the D3 was at 4 as a value. Anemic and unspecific all the medical records, they gave me – the people who love me and my doctors – before a choice. And I chose me. I have decided that at the moment I have to listen and not just listen to myself. So I follow a vegetarian diet and I try not to obsess as always with only one food at certain times. It is very difficult for me. Psychologically it was – and I won’t hide from you – it still is, but thanks to the help of those around me, I am also discovering flavors and nuances. I am learning to make peace with certain foods that have been demonized and condemned for too many years. I cannot guarantee that it is a new phase in the search for balance, but it has become an important introspective path that I do not want and cannot minimize.

All this to tell you that these cookies, which I have been making for years to accompany tea, I had never eaten. I liked the scent, texture and rustic look that was reminiscent of the scones cousins. When I baked them I always imagined the taste in my mouth and what would be the right tea to match. Based on taste and not just instinct.
Without knowing it – unconsciously then – I had a list of things I wanted to taste. These were at the top of the list. The first bite was incredible. I still remember the second. Stilton, or Blue Stilton, is a hard blue cheese from the United Kingdom and now I can understand why it is always served alongside tea along with cucumber sandwiches, scones and other delights (here are ten of recipes and even a video).

Imagining being in a county sipping coffee in a cottage suddenly had a taste too. Not just a smell. I always have to remember these biscuits. They taught me a lot.

For about 12 biscuits

120 grams of walnut kernels
120 grams of Stilton
an egg
70 ml of whole milk
a pinch of salt
9 grams of baking powder
250 grams of flour 00
70 grams of butter at room temperature to ointment
Put the cream into a bowl and sift over the flour. Add the yeast and salt and work. Gradually add the milk and finally the egg. Now mix well with your hands and then add half the dose of the Stilton in pieces and half of the walnuts. Divide everything into about twelve balls and place on baking paper. Now flatten them a little with your hands and then press the remaining Stilton and walnuts on top.

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