Simple biscuits decorated in seconds with gels in tubes. An excellent method for “last minute cookies” and with a surprising aesthetic impact. The gel tends to solidify after a few hours. It is certainly not comparable to icing but the effect is really very cute and colorful.

Could we perhaps miss the zucchetta cookies? Never!
(I used the gel decorators in the tube to decorate)

Ingredients of Sir Montersino’s infallible vegan shortcrust pastry, which I love:
500 grams of flour 00
250 grams of cane sugar or classic white granulated sugar
70 grams of extra virgin olive oil
70 grams of rice oil (but sunflower oil is fine too. Montersino prefers rice)
130 grams of water at room temperature
12 grams of baking powder
A pinch of salt
Finely grated rind of one orange and one lemon (or vanilla, cinnamon. Whichever you prefer)
You have to work in a robot. I did it with the kitchen Aid because I feel great and because there is a leaf, as the great Montersino indicates. Add sugar and water and let it work at low speed. Add the olive oil and then the rice as you work. Only at the end sift the flour and baking powder together and add slowly, letting it incorporate without haste until you get a homogeneous mixture. It will be very soft. You don’t have to worry. Work it until it is homogeneous and no more. Wrap in plastic wrap and let it rest for at least 3 hours but it is better if 4. The oil fats must be restored, bound and then formed over time what will be a perfect shortcrust pastry: for biscuits, pies and all the desserts that come to you in mind. Absolutely perfect! But how could it be otherwise.
There are hundreds of Halloween recipes on file. Some are not visible because I am fixing the old photos, but to date at least 200 you can find them without any problem. I hope you are comfortable with this little summary. I’d like to tell you a little about what I’ve been doing lately and previously. If you have followed me even for a while, you know that I have never categorized recipes into first courses, appetizers and side dishes; this is because for my taste the operation is practically useless. Food, like nutrition, has undergone a complete upheaval and the concept of first course, second course, side dish – if we clearly exclude dessert – sounds a bit old-fashioned. A plate of legumes thank goodness is no longer considered a poor side dish or something to escape from but a real first in all respects, if not even unique if wisely balanced and combined.
The single dish that includes all the nutrients is a modern concept, if you will. For this reason I have not made or will make any kind of distinction; this is because everyone can interpret an aperitif, dinner, brunch, standing dinner, informal lunch and a very long etcetera as they see fit; because yes, it also depends on that. By the way, by the care and last but by the way of life.

The Aperitif itself, now also called an apericena, is in effect a complete meal if it consists of several courses; just to name another of motivation. The concept of the appetizer itself in the last 20, and even more by ten, has been completely changed. In the archive, therefore, you can more simply find the food itself and not how you want to exploit it or use it: pasta, bread, focaccia, legumes and so on.
All Halloween recipes
All recipes with pumpkin
Everything you need to know about the pumpkin and how to carve it for Halloween
Surely my much loved Ghostperitivo remains in the pole position of the winning choices. Puff pastry ghosts – which can also be fried – or brisèe with olive pate eyes, perfect for an “old-fashioned aperitif” or to accompany soups, dishes of any size. They are also perfect if you want to have a brunch or a meal with various platters. You can also use the pastry or the brisèe ready and go. Yes it is better to do it at home blablablaba but seriously it is not that everyone has this time and, for heaven’s sake, wants. You don’t have the molds and you don’t want to buy them? Don’t despair! Draw a drawing on a piece of paper, cut it out and help yourself with the one for the guide. Just place the sheet of paper on the dough and turn around with the knife: done! (muciaianinostricuori).
To drink, you are spoiled for choice. Certainly colored drinks and titled with titles appropriate to the occasion will make the difference: Spider blood, Frog eyes on the rocks, Witch Bubble tea are just some of the drinks I have prepared for you, perhaps to munch with the everlasting witch brooms made of puff pastry. and pretzels. Let your imagination run wild as always. If you use different bottles such as potions, but also syringes, glasses and jars, the more the witch laboratory effect will take shape.

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