In the second June issue of Mag-azine you will find a special dedicated to the Victorian Hall. For the first time I will tell you about the project and I also give the floor to the Architect, who will explain the behind the scenes, the needs and the reasons for these spaces. It has been ready for two years now and I have written and said something, especially on instagram, but I have never officially invited you for tea and to tell you about it.
We’ve seen so many of these trees on Pinterest that we’re bored with them, I know. What I didn’t know, however, is that they are easy to make, have a truly amazing live-performance and can be truly faithful Christmas allies. Now, someone writes you who loves to decorate at least three trees per floor (if that’s okay) and who forces you to put trees in her business, offices and even in the bathrooms if necessary, ergo: a Christmas sick person writes to you. One that overflows with spirit and multiplies it from every pore. I love Christmas so much that part of me hates that part of me. Convoluted but true. I love him so much that I myself realize I’m exaggerating. I try to settle myself. To get less excited. To take it rationally. I impose myself and repeat in the mirror “come on, you are great”. But then it all ends in a loud laugh and away: Christmas every day and several times a day. Christmas from November to the bitter end until January 6th when my emotional decline begins and I already dream of starting the countdown again. This is to tell you that the aseptic and fashionable wooden tree from pinterest that you plug in or put two piles on is certainly not my ideal of a tree, it’s clear. In fact, I have six for the sales area of ​​my business and several to put in the corridors of my home, at the entrance and everywhere. Where I can not put a decorated tree in practice I put this. If it were up to me, I would also put it on the roof of the car (you know that maybe I think about it and at least put it on the kids’ van so that when they go to unload the goods they bring a bit of Christmas spirit?). In conclusion. No more chatter.

That you.

The wooden tree remains a VERY SERIOUS idea to take into consideration. And let me remind you that I use capital letters only in important things: when I talk about garden gnomes because they are serious and in this case when it comes to Christmas. Because there is no more serious thing. And that no one contradicts me or it is the right time that I begin to say bad words on the net for the first time.
Now you will say: Brava Iaia. But who did it to you?

And you are right. I make it easy myself, who enslaved Alessandro and his uncle Peppe. But if you didn’t have an Aluccio as a friend and an adorable uncle Peppe who favors his sweet and little niece (he is two meters tall and I am a wardrobe of almost eighty meters but the imagination can make you imagine me and uncle Peppe as well. two little dachshund and sweet gnomes, right?). The first thing to do is to get an uncle Peppe. This is the advice that most comes from my heart. If you do not have a sweet and caring uncle who indulges your Christmas needs and who is not brave enough to remain impassive to the request “you know uncle I would like six wooden trees” then put him on the list of things to ask Santa Claus. Because the extraordinary uncle at Christmas is always a beautiful gift.

If Santa does not bring it to you, know that I am not willing to give up mine. I advance you.

But here, honestly, you have to have faith in yourself and believe you can do it alone. You can soften your husband, boyfriend, a relative who is passionate about DIY, or a retired neighbor who is willing to chop wood. Of course, the Mee To movement could denounce me because in this historical period, enticing you to soften by blinking is a bit like becoming a sexist monster who bends over to dirty tricks to get favors. But all these stoats in the eyes and false eyelashes we put them there for a reason: to like us, of course. But also to bang them vehemently and get our goddamn wooden Christmas tree! NOT EVERYONE HAS UNCLE PEPPE! (maybe I’m degenerating)

What do I need, Iaia? TELL IT!

Go home and show these photos (but don’t tell the clerk what I wrote because he may not take you seriously and whatever he says we are doing something serious, holy tree today!) Or photos of wooden trees from Pinterest that you like. As you will notice, they are simply boards that were then cut out and beautifully nailed to the main axis that supports everything and which rests on a base. I like the square one more but if you want to drive crazy the carpenter who will cut it, the uncle Peppe you will find, the neighbor you have softened with eyelash extensions: why not?

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