In 2019 I think, I bought these decorations from Fortnum and Mason to build memories. I wanted to have special ones in order to be able to keep them all my life and pull them out over time from the magical Christmas box that we all keep with so much love; building memories, traditions and life. Fortnum and Mason decorations are almost all London and tea themed; of excellent workmanship, embroidered by hand and with many beads as in the past. Really a dream. My dreams include sewing hearts, teapots and cakes – just like these – with my mother. Stuff and embroider them. Back in 2009 I think I even did it – there should be slides in support in the good old Flickr of a me with a Santa Claus hat sewing – but they were technically chilling because I had made up my mind to do two hundred in the space of two nights (the usual things of iaia, in short!). Sooner or later I really want to do it. They would have an invaluable value and significance.

Another idea that has been buzzing in my head for a while is to hang real tea bags, as was once done with chocolates. Wouldn’t that be just magical and special with all that scent of leaves and spices?
November 15, 2019

Every year I tell you about my December 8th and the tradition, which we share in many memories and strong emotions. Since I no longer live in my parents’ house, and years have passed, I have always anticipated; as a result, even mum let herself be pleasantly influenced.
“Mid-November seems exaggerated to me,” I tell myself. But then it follows “but exaggerated, why?”
Prolonging the pleasure of staring at those little lights and multiplying the magic cannot – and must – be condemnable.
I reached the compromise between waiting and frenzy by making the tree in my studio / office. He’s not exactly at home and the rational and pragmatic part screams “it’s for the photos, the blog and the web activities”. Almost like justifying oneself (why then ?!). Just like every year, here I am with the first tree. And already saying “first” gives you the measure of exaggeration mixed with happiness.
It’s Kiki’s first Christmas. I thought that during the set up she would have done like Koi and she instead she was standing there staring at all the lights, she did not touch anything and wanted to climb into her arms. Koi never wanted to be taken while little kiki has a passion for cuddling. She didn’t weigh twenty kilos even though she turned five months the other day, it wouldn’t be a problem for my back. But better a good lumbosciatalgia and her in her arms, than without.

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