These lists are very popular, especially on Pinterest; lately also on Instagram. Super convenient to keep on your phone and easy to store. Perfect for following a list, transforming it, skipping it or simply taking it as inspiration. So I decided to draw up a few and group them here in this post. I leave you the premiere with 31 films to see absolutely in a utopian horror marathon of one film a day throughout October. A difficult undertaking, to say the least, but not impossible; Regardless of the tour de force, it must be said that many titles in this list are to be seen at least once in a lifetime.
A way of “blogging” on social media, to make it very short. Not technically blogging but a way to.

The ability to customize content, collect it and make a sort of parallel post / articles, completely different from photographic content. And the reason for this diversity is contained in the possibility of highlighting them.

Something that didn’t evaporate like a photo, a story and a video. Something that could remain there, easy to consult and that could somehow summarize content categorized by type as it happens on the blog. Because of the “search” button that later appeared on Facebook for the fast retrieval of the contents still not even the shadow (it could open a very long chapter apart, yes).

Guides are therefore a versatile tool that can be interpreted in many ways. You have the opportunity to write a lot (much more than in the descriptions) and to insert at least 30 photos / posts that are not necessarily related to the description in question (or even yes). In the same way you can insert the igtv videos and even the reels: in short, a real revolution!

To be honest, for my taste, this is the feature that I liked the most. Mr. Instagram has not re-proposed something seen as Snapchat, Tik Tok, ClubHouse and the like but has given the possibility to catalog, explain and offer a real and very useful service for creators and for those who follow them.
Generally, for FAQs or answers to frequently asked questions, the reader is directed to a link, which presumably goes to the blog / site most of the time. With the birth of guides now, as I did, you can create an ad Hoc one; with frequently asked questions and answers. This allows an undeniable speed for the Creator but also for those who want to take advantage of this information; related to a certain topic or simply to the creator himself.

They fill out quickly and very easily. They are intuitive and you can even change the order of posts after publication. They are potentially constantly updated. You can move, recompile and edit: in short, Instagram has really created an incredibly versatile feature that can be transformed into dozens of different things; according to the imagination and usefulness in the channel itself.
In no time I began to draw up the first guides: the one that talks about me, so every time you ask me (and it happens dozens of times a day, as absurd as it may seem to some to even think about it) what work I do , how old am I and so on. People come, they know you. Then like it or not like you they follow you or not, but it is clear that the catchment area is expanding dramatically over time and on the other hand there is a need to understand, probe and why not browse. After all, that too is perfectly normal. For this reason, a Guide with a biography, more or less complete, and the questions with the most popular answers is always useful.

Also useful to me is the collection of mom’s recipes, which are always very clicked, and also that of the stories I wrote exclusively on Instagram for Oktober or Halloween; And just to name two:

Witchtown and Wax Museum now have two quick guides to easily understand what it is all about with a few chapters to get into the story.
I was also able to create guides with my preterite and sweet savory vegan recipes; not to mention the tea time that in my channels is very clicked with all the recipes of the case. In the same way I was able to dedicate a guide to granita, to Sicilian places to visit with adjoining restaurants / bars and any place where to buy, eat and dream. In short, within a few weeks I published almost 30 guides giving priority to the topics that generally interest most. And I will continue to do so because the response is not only positive and encouraging but astounding. It is not possible to see how many times the guide has been clicked and viewed but every day I receive compliments on compliments not to mention thanks because now everything is faster (the guide on apple pies is the one that is most often mentioned to me along with mom’s recipes .

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