Have you ever tried them? I blend a little pumpkin and onion in the mixer so there are no strings left and I make this pulp go over the fire with a little oil. Cook for about ten minutes and set aside. I let it cool. Then I add the eggs – if you also use the grated cheese of your choice – and turn well. I put it back on the heat and proceed to the normal execution of the scrambled eggs. But you can also make a giant omelette or omelette by adding a little cream or milk. To counteract the sweetness of the pumpkin you can use a good mix of spices without forgetting salt, pepper and curry.

Scrambled eggs are a dish that often appears in horror or cult films that have made history. And while we wait for Halloween I will tell you some interesting stories; of scrambled and non scrambled eggs. The first that come to mind are the ones that the sweet and loving Annie Wilkes prepares for Paul Sheldon in Misery must not die:

Wilkes scrambled eggs! Unmissable.
I took the small pan on Westwing, the cup and teapot on amazon, the wooden tray is Hm and the fork Zara Home

You can find all Halloween recipes by clicking here. They are fun, scenographic and very easy to make. They are all healthy, vegetarian or vegan and impactful. There are sweet and savory preparations but also equipment, many ways to decorate the house, menus, films to see and everything you need to spend an unforgettable Halloween.
Not because she is totally in love and devoted to it, but Autumn is certainly one of the most incredible seasons for what it is capable of offering in terms of fruit and vegetables; in Sicily then even more because it is a perennial state between late summer and early autumn. Surely there are many little secrets to make an excellent and unforgettable pumpkin risotto; in recent years we have done so many that I don’t know where to start.

Surely cooking the pumpkin in the oven and storing it in resealable and reusable bags in the freezer is the best idea. I always keep a generous supply in the freezer; this allows me to prepare pumpkin spice latte whenever I want, to make a quick risotto in the evening even if I don’t feel like cooking and above all I always have the pumpkin soups ready. And why not, lasagna too. Pesto for pasta. I think that’s enough already, right? I freeze it when cooked because it loses less flavor. Diced raw to cook then, uhm. It doesn’t convince me at all. Better fresh.

Risotto with pumpkin can be interpreted in various ways. Very good with spices, with goat and blue cheeses but also with seafood. Special with mushrooms, almonds and apples. Even with raspberries you know? In every way and in every way the pumpkin risotto is not to be missed.
Mom loves it very much with the bacon cut into crispy strips. I’m not bothering about this, because I don’t know.
I like it simply scented with thyme or with mushrooms. And you also know with what? With lime. Gordon Ramsay once said it and from there: eternal love. Lime, just a sprinkle or even simply some grated peel on top, dampens that “affected” flavor in some ways, which some pumpkins have. It is a must with sausage but also with prawns or lobster glazed with honey on top it makes a great impression. Last year I made one with confit tomatoes and also confit lemons: what can I say. Delightful! It is by no means a banal, sweet recipe, seen and reviewed. It is just a perfect base to amaze with elegance, simplicity and that touch of chic. Which could trivially be just the lime.

With macaroons on top, dried fruit and even dehydrated fruit, pumpkin risotto – needless to say – is precisely the most surprising dish of autumn.

Certainly the choice of rice. It must be Carnaroli or Vialone Nano. I’ve been saying this for months now, my absolute favorite is the one from Cannavacciuolo that he sells in his shop. Never eaten such good rice. It is shocking to say the least.

The pumpkin certainly from Mantua. After all, the origins are right there. However, not everyone has this luck and everyone adapts as he can.

The broth, needless to say, makes the difference. A good homemade strictly vegetable broth with potatoes, carrots, celery, onion and whatever you have (even celery leaves to say, are fine) and as always I would add some spice as well as salt and pepper. Cloves to infuse and to remove are the best.

Blending with white wine for sure is a great idea, but only if you don’t have me or people like me for dinner.

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