I understand the questions “but do you decorate so early?”, “But don’t you wait until 8 December as per tradition?”, “But it takes a long time. How do you do?”. And I never get tired of answering because first of all I like it and second then I find it right; otherwise I would avoid creating content. In summary: I decorate so early because I always have a lot of work – extra web I mean, which certainly cannot be classified as work as far as I’m concerned – in the winter period and without any kind of organization it would be impossible.

It would be so first of all because I ask perhaps too much (I remove the maybe) and I persist in seeking every year that non-existent “perfection” that is “expected” in some ways from the elusive magic of Christmas. My house is on several floors and has large spaces and with the claim – in some ways absurd – of wanting to decorate it, the whole business begins to be difficult just at the thought. By now also dedicating myself to the construction of my office inside the house (this is not strictly the case but it is to understand better) everything is becoming more complex. November is therefore, immediately after Halloween, the month of the Christmas decoration. This is because it guarantees me to be able to do things calmly, carefully pondering what I want in that specific year – because it changes as I am always in progress and never static – in order to avoid getting tired or bored and risking throwing in the towel. You know, during the decorations there is always something missing and those affected by the disease of perfectionism like me have to deal with small tragedies such as “it is finished x” rather than “it is finished y”. I grew up in a family where my mother only and exclusively decorated the house on December 8th. For the Immaculate Conception. She didn’t compromise. Neither a day before nor a day after. I love traditions and keeping them. I love the memories and tales of all the eight December of my life. My mother was a hard worker and she had very little time. Despite this, like me, she has always held home and traditions. She certainly didn’t have my idea of ​​decoration, yes. Making “only” a tree in a day can also be done. Doing what I objectively do I see really difficult.
This boring preamble to say the obvious. It is what you expect and want. It is the space you want to make magical and Christmas and the time available. Unfortunately, tradition clashes with these elements to be evaluated. If then, as in my case, you also add that there is a tight preparation, as there is also a planning of contents to be published and you really need lights as a background and the like, it goes without saying that in November it almost seems to be a little late already. This is how I want to start today. Quickly telling you why I am so far in advance. It is not meant to be an anxiety, a competition to see who is better or a desire to exaggerate but simply an explanation, I hope pleasant, of how everyone fits time – rightly – in their own way.

When I look at this photo and in the evening I pass by the lounge where there is this special corner of mine, which I particularly love, dedicated to reading, I always say to myself “maybe this was enough”. A tree and lights among the characters you love the most, the stories and the worlds. Was this really enough? Maybe yes.

I never did, I tell you honestly. To illuminate the library. It seemed to me something extremely messy and uncomfortable, also because I always want to have free access to my books. At home we browse them daily and several times a day. In this case, this library – because I have several at home being the supreme passion of both – contains some classics and many graphic novels. And graphic novels are among the ones I browse regularly because many times they are also inspirations. Notwithstanding that many characters sometimes call me and want to be sought. And I’m looking for them just for a hug.

A string of lights of 48 meters was enough in my case, but because I made a precise game of “ups and downs” to decorate a rather large bookcase. In the video where I will show the different decorated corners of the house, however, I will show you how even a much smaller bookcase than this one – illuminated with a 24 meter wire – makes an equally majestic and magical scenic impact. They are clearly LEDs and therefore do not affect the bill. Then it must be said that – since my real job is that of lighting – by investing in a good quality product, the aesthetic result will also be different: refined and elegant. It may be precisely because it is my real job, but there is a clear difference between low-cost threads compared to quality ones. Here too it always depends on the eye of the beholder and on the needs of course, but I assure you that it can really make a difference. The lights will certainly have no problems, the play of light will not lose storage because it always happens with low quality products.

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