A very special and unique centerpiece, this. A gift from my uncle Peppe – do you remember Laura? – who is the youngest of my mother’s three brothers; among other things, Peppe is a very young uncle because he is practically only a decade older than me. I think he first became an uncle when he was five. Peppe is very tall, he has the same deep and sweet eyes of mum, cheeks where you would like to dive and straight hair all forward that looks almost like a Playmobil. He has such a sweet laugh that you want to hug him and suddenly a sly look like that of children when they combine pranks. Very taciturn and tender, actually. You know the good giants? Here: uncle Peppe.

I was moved to say the least at the sight of this beautiful centerpiece. In reality it is a succession of strong emotions since he also made me a chandelier of overwhelming beauty but. But no spoilers and for now let’s focus on the centerpiece. The wood is a beech tree that Peppe thought well to load in his car this summer after visiting our cousins ​​in Calabria. Now if you read me you know that my mother is from Calabria – from Sila to be exact – and therefore a large part of our family lives in a sort of magical place surrounded by woods. The beech comes from there. The rest was expertly assembled by the hands of Peppe who carefully created not only the most beautiful centerpiece I could wish for but a real advent calendar. To say that he will be the undisputed star of my boards is superfluous.
For a lifetime I have been told “eh. But you have it all ”when you go into confusion to give me a gift. Honestly, it is true that materially I have a lot and too much, but if there is one thing that always leaves me speechless and I never get enough of – because you can’t buy it – it is the thought. That always amazes me. That lump in my throat and that tingling sensation in my stomach comes to me only at the sight of something unique and above all thought. Built and that speaks to me. It means having been listened to, understood and therefore loved. Peppe knew that I have been obsessed with wooden mats for a while, that I particularly love natural wood and that in this frantic Victorian search for what my new office will be, I have begun to appreciate other materials. The rough stones and that ancient flavor. Wood and truth. The truth of a little mold and crack. For this reason he did not treat the beech and simply decorated with simple elements with white and gold details, which will be the protagonist colors – as often happens – of my Christmas.

Although these centerpieces have been seen throughout the year, they have an undeniable uniqueness: the heart of those who prepare them. They are all different and tell stories of families, places and souls. The colors themselves tell whispered fairy tales, desires and sacrifices.


a piece of wood of any shape and type you want
pine cones
spray color
bits of wood (but I also think cinnamon sticks would be perfect)
fake flowers or decorations that you prefer
hot glue
Glue on the piece of wood you have chosen – you decide whether to treat it or not – the four candles or how many you want to put with the hot glue and thus proceed with all the protagonist pieces of your centerpiece. Let your imagination run wild. Enrich it as and how much you like. Choose whether to sprinkle the pine cones and the rest or not. Do the same with the flowers. Do not stop and customize as you see fit using materials that maybe remember who will receive it. And if you’re doing it for yourself, which is always a thought to be reckoned with, write the story yourself. And above all, never stop.

To dream, turn on, share and inspire light. Always and only light.

And now I do it here too. So that it remains among these lights forever.

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