The crumbs between the sheets, the “lost” time preparing it, the romantic myth behind it and the impossibility of applying it to reality. I know it. I thought so too and told by someone who hates to have breakfast – although professing to all winds to have it – it is the height. When on RunLovers I tick the importance of breakfast at least twice a month, I feel guilty. Because I, who can hardly manage to throw down a coffee, start with that unpleasant paternal that just isn’t like me. It will be, as I often say, that my subconscious is trying to send me signals. Also not too veiled.

Except that breakfast in bed really tastes different. If I had the opportunity to do it like this every day (directing, the laughter recorded thanks!) Then yes I would make a few fuss and I would throw down kilos of goodness. If this remains and will remain a dream for me – and I suppose also for the vast majority of the world and alien population – the fact remains that with the holiday period we deserve this cuddle! So full of optimism we must absolutely believe that it is our inalienable Christmas right and that at least in these days, weekends, holidays, long weekends or any free time we can organize a nice unforgettable breakfast. It doesn’t matter if alone or in company because the password is always the same: we too exist. We can do things for ourselves too. Treat us well with a nice napkin, take the good service and don’t let it get the dust in the cupboard and give us a little flower too.
Among other things, a few weeks ago I also purchased an ad hoc book that could be suitable for us, that is to definitively convince us: Breakfast in bed by chef Andrea Golino from Giunti publisher. I hope to be able to tell you about it soon because he offers delicious brioches, shortbreads, shortbreads and other delicacies. Today, however, I wanted to focus more on speed than anything else because in the work of convincing – mine and yours – if I start talking about slightly complicated recipes we lose at the start, we abandon and head towards the coffee machine. What now with the capsules not even the slowness and pleasure of the coffee maker. In my case it’s good, considering I could blow it up as the sworn enemy of all coffee makers, but let’s move on.
Scrambled tofu, yes. I told you about it several times and even when I praised the best pie in the world (ok, I’m exaggerating but if you haven’t tried it you’ll hardly believe me. Understandable but. But you should try it, I’m serious).

I really wish we made a bet. Are you there? We just have to try. Even if it were a simply boiled egg. Even just a squeeze. Even just a coffee and a cookie. Then maybe we continue to dream of the idyll of the tray, the flower, the matching cup and the newspaper just delivered as in the magical fairy moment of American films. Who stands right there behind the door with the kitten walking around the glass whole milk bottle. As soon as it is milked, let’s exaggerate! It is Christmas!

And it’s Sunday today too. And do you know how many Sundays we have before it’s Christmas Eve? A. Did you get anxiety? Good. Then you absolutely deserve a breakfast in bed. Have I convinced you? (Do you know that as far as I’m concerned I’m almost convincing myself and self-defying myself, swearing vengeance if I can’t make at least three?)

I promise these days I’ll be documenting breakfast in bed (join the clan!) As tangible proof that I absolutely believe what I’m saying. At Turin I will prepare a selection of cheeses and sausages, because he is not so much scrambled eggs in the morning (he keeps light when he is on vacation and I got to see him “nibble” a little, yes) and I will die happy with three loaves of scrambled tofu washed down with hectoliters of orange juice, which I love. Even if only that drunk in bed it would already be a good achievement.
What is certain is that if someone arrived – at Downton Abbey – with tray, flower, newspaper and rich plate as soon as you wake up it would be the right reward for the daily efforts but it is also true that magic can be created. Why not do it?

A glass with motivational writing and a saucer that maybe brings memories with it. Let’s choose an object for this breakfast that can somehow make us feel surrounded by magic. Maybe we can even put aside three or four little things like cups and spoons for this magical moment that we want to be ours alone. I say I can do it and we do it, you know?

Why shouldn’t we succeed ?!

Fifteen minus and all is well! We also have an early breakfast in bed. What more could you want? (Nobody says: someone to prepare it for us. I thought so too but we must not let ourselves be discovered. We are PROPOSITIVE! And optimists!)

(I’m going to be the Grinch because this optimism will wear off someday, I can feel it)

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