Do you realize that with a board and a couple of boards you can have an incredible dream? Do you realize that you can also put small shelves on it where you can place candles, garden gnats and frames? Ale for example set the frames of his beautiful family. I didn’t wear anything because I’m the usual boring minimalist gnegnegne but I don’t rule out placing candles in the shape of a garden gnome this year. I have beautiful ones and I’m not afraid to exhibit them, mind you! You can put a giant star on it or nothing at all. You can put an inscription on it. You can put a Santa hat on it. You can also put a flower, a panettone or a pandoro in it. Because it is completely customizable. And yes: you could turn it into an Advent calendar. Do you realize what we are talking about? Imagine me ticking on the desk excitedly because I’m so happy to write. Of this. That I got up on my knees on the desk and clicked as fast as in a Japanese manga. I also see the writing and the lightning bolts above my head. I also see the starry eyes and the foaming mouth of happiness.

And how do you put the lights? Uncle Peppe is also an electrician, but I don’t want to exaggerate by praising all his skills because you might hate me. Rightly so. You must hate me. I have uncle Peppe and I am detested but I beg you with elegance and not too much brio, please. CONTENT!

Was I saying? Ah yes the lights. With small micro holes you put them. It is of an embarrassing simplicity. This year, since I have to do others because, as you may have guessed, I have few, if I can I will also give you a small video tutorial (if uncle Peppe is reading me I think he is about to take the first train to an unknown destination. Uncle, know that I will find you. To you and Ale. You can’t escape me. I don’t have time to put extensions on my lashes. I have no neighbors and the Nippotorinese has zero dexterity. And it’s the Grinch too, but oh well).

A video tutorial would be perfect! Among other things, Uncle Peppe explained to me that the carpenter, having a single piece, could cut directly and perfectly with a tree design on the wood. This would skip the step of gluing band by band on the pin. There are really various ways and if you have at home or know someone who has the necessary DIY equipment in a few minutes you can realize a little dream.

The exaggerated Christmas spirit does not belong to everyone, okay (but how is it possible?) But. But the wooden tree, come on. Zero effort and it lasts forever. And I’m sure that looking at it from year to year will make you think again. I’m sure it will be therapy. That slowly will make you want the real one, the boxes and all that great confusion.

And if it fails, at least one tree will have been with you forever. And maybe you don’t know it but they are magical and heal wounds. Don’t underestimate this thing. They will make you smile a lot more than you can even imagine.

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