For an evening with zero time and even zero desire, the Ghost pizza is among the most popular ever as much as the spider pizza. If you don’t make the pizza and you order it, that’s fine: you just have to cut out some ghosts or use olives to compose the spiders – the Spider pizza! – and Halloween dinner is served! And that pizza was one of Freddy Krueger’s favorite recipes. He liked a horrible and unrepeatable pizza but the fact is that it was his favorite food. Speaking of horror movies and pizza well: Poltergeist. A pepperoni pizza that will amaze you!

I was almost forgetting the mummy pizza! But do you see that there are too many things and by now I am too old to remember?

Still on the subject of very quick dinners, the mummy frankfurter is in the pole position of the most made and redone recipes of all time. I made you a really nice vegan version with a sandwich right here if you want to take a look.

The monstrous Tortellini, the pancakes of Hocus Pocus but also the risotto of Hocus Pocus with black chickpeas (sublime!) Not to mention the pumpkin or witch’s hair with pistachio pesto. Like pasta, rice and cereals, there is really everything. Unforgettable the good old good pumpkin and carrot pesto with cashews and almonds. Also the stuffed pepper with Jack’s face that must never be missing, and I don’t hide you among my favorite dishes. I also put it on the book, yes!

Another quick idea that she really liked on instagram is that of the eggplant slices that I make in miso and soy sauce in the oven: Jack O ‘Aubergine. I am sure you will go crazy! In addition to the quick and standing dinners there are also breakfasts. So many! A very quick Halloween breakfast with a little nori seaweed, the witch’s breakfast with lots of pumpkin in scrambled eggs not to mention Anne of Misery’s breakfast shouldn’t die. Did we want not to pay homage to my beloved King? Never!

Cream of all kinds (please try them with popcorn) but also the perfect goulash for a cold and windy evening.
I find it a little hard to tell you all, you know? And I don’t even know how to choose, uff. First of all I tell you that by clicking here you will find all the ones I have selected for you. But on desserts I don’t really know where to start. I believe that not even one of the cult’s plus all my preparations have escaped me. I think apple pie and cherry pie are practically mandatory, easy and fast but surprising and spectacular. Knam’s red velvet can only make you look great as well as the classic soft and fluffy pumpkin muffins as much as the gluten-free soft cake always with pumpkin pulp. I don’t even have to mention tiramigiù because it is essential for Halloween night, I suppose.
And lots of cakes, as well as witch fingers, the monstrously cute cake and even the panna cotta in the Pink Halloween version; I did the pink halloween two years ago, that is an all pink and disgustingly cute and Kawaii Halloween together with ghost milk and other delicacies colored by a very sweet soft pink. As much as the monstrous sandwiches and beetroot powder. And again and again. If you have any doubts in the comments or want some advice or tips, I am at your complete disposal. You can tell me an ingredient you have in the house and I what you can do for Halloween. What do you say? I am waiting for you!
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