It may seem silly but it’s not so much giving an object as a moment. A box of tea (for those who are clearly passionate about the genre but also for those who are not, because they could discover interesting and boundless worlds) can give precious time, relaxation and also many positive thoughts. After all, tea is able to do this, if properly contextualized at a given moment and tasted. It has an important meditative power and almost forces you to stop. I also drink it in hectic times and it has become my pleasant habit for years. Never drinking alcohol – of any kind – has also become an excellent excuse not to feel excluded. Because if there are those who sip a scotch at Christmas or an old grappa – not counting those who light second-hand cigars – you have the opportunity to do the same with tea. Since I quit smoking – for more than ten years – it has become just that. Instead of lighting a cigarette I decide which taste to smell, taste and breathe. I have gained in health first of all but also in culture, knowledge and mental travel.

The idea that I propose to you today is very simple, yet every time I give it or talk about it I realize that it is not so obvious: buy a nice box or build it and decorate it with small lodgings, fill it with tea-infusions-infusions, pack it according to your taste and give it away. Then of course it’s up to you to make it an even more unforgettable gesture. Combine a cast iron teapot (at Tiger there are twenty euros of excellent quality), a cup or any wonder contextualized to the world of tea. Just a nice ticket is enough, come on.

For a person who loves tea and has many varieties at home like me it is very simple and indeed he can even try his own favorites or a selection that does not exist on the market: brands of different target that I guarantee comparison first of all. In short, you are giving the opportunity to try out many brands, tastes and qualities in one fell swoop. In case you don’t have this assortment at home and you have to buy them, it should certainly be a repeated gift: in the sense that you give the box to more people in order to guarantee variety.

However, I can guarantee you that even with just a few types of tea, the impression is guaranteed. If, even better, you know the recipient’s tastes, you can choose one spice rather than another and the same thing for fruit infusions and the like. The idea of ​​detoxifying and draining herbal teas would also not be bad given the period because they are liked, and how. They will also be grateful to you. Word of those who have been giving this little wonder for years. It must be said that then there are an infinite number of boxes. You can also look on Amazon; not to mention that, as I wrote before, you have the opportunity to make it at home in the way that suits you best.
I got the box on Amazon and it’s very nice. The only inconvenience it has is that there are few sachets, but there are really bigger and deeper ones. From Maisons du Monde I can tell you that some are really delicious and shabby (not only) and therefore I would give a peek at the site. Generally I always put and always say: Pukka, Yogi Tea, Demmers and Sonnentor and I also alternate with the classic ones from the supermarket if desired. I also refer you to the article written on Maghetta where I talk about my favorite Christmas infusions; maybe even that chat can help you or at least I hope so.

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