A nice tray is always a great idea. Because you can serve tea. Place it on the table near the centerpiece or as a centerpiece itself. I like the tray in the center of the table with the flowers. I haven’t seen it anywhere but I do it often and I always get lots of compliments every time. Even those mirrored trays, you know? Easy to find. Zara Home is full but everywhere; just to name an accessible and easy one throughout the territory. Mirror tray, a few flowers, a candle and that’s it. The trays are also delicious for serving tea but also coffee and pampering yourself at this time of year is frankly a must.

A special tablecloth can never be missing both at home and in the magic drawer. Whether it is neat and white with stars or red checkered in an eighties memory, it doesn’t matter; the more vintage the better. Now there are also several fabrics for sale and at a low price you can really get an amazing tablecloth that will accompany you in important moments. I’m boring and you know I always prefer to go white, but you know what? This year I gave in thanks to my mother’s advice and I also bought a red and a green one; that green from me is scary because if you read me you know that it is a color that I have always hated. But the watchword is: dare, try and don’t stop, right?

Napkins are a sore point and we’ve ticked them several times, but seriously some cloth napkins with a nice napkin holder would take you, you know? It makes a difference and the board acquires incredible value.

A few more lines on, I reiterated what I have always supported: anything can become a centerpiece. The important thing is to have it. Pier does not really like the fact that I like to put flowers and I understand it because some find that he is uncomfortable for the passage of courses and annoying for the smell. How to blame them? (But I keep doing it because I’m a bad person) The centerpiece, however, is not just flowers and flowers but also an object, a teapot, a candlestick, a small transparent vase with some decoration inside and plenty of room for imagination. A beautiful centerpiece of whatever nature it is will cut the table in a balanced way and will create harmonic lines that on the whole will be appreciated very visually.

I have recently had this tradition. A basket, of whatever nature you like, filled with plaids. It makes guests feel at home and it is nice that everyone takes the plaid from the basket to cuddle comfortably with you between chatting, sofa and tea. I’ve bought several from Ikea; the basic ones that do not exceed two euros but you can also choose the plaids you already have. Even all different, patchwork or tartan effect it doesn’t matter. The more the plaid “tastes like plaid”, the more beautiful it is. For the baskets, let your imagination run wild. I just tell you that in this period you can also easily find them golden and the scenic effect including a cuddly message is really very intimate and important.
Table games cannot be missing from my essentials. I really have them all, collected over the years. Just think that I also have the Pictionary from when I was in high school and it has always been a trusted companion that I am so fond of. Bringing out board games is a great idea these days. We always enjoy playing whatever game it is. This year then during the days of Black Friday I took advantage of it and took the Pictionary again for a new version and several games that I was missing. I took over the Cluedo in another version and also Forza 4 which, like so many things, had been lost over the years. Making a corner with all these boxes, with papers and slips of paper is a reminder of the watchwords: smile and play. At the end of the year we deserve some healthy rest and play, right? After all, Christmas is also this.

Whether they are in the magic drawer or in the essentials it does not matter but they can never be missing. I filled the house with lights and I even told you a little about it here when I showed you the bookcase in my living room.

A tray full of candles, lights behind the curtain or scattered on the bookcase or on the head of the bed that makes so much novice American Youtuber. Lights stuck in jars and Will’s mom from Stranger Things everywhere, in short. Lights and candles are never enough and they manage to make even senseless chaos become magical. As for me, I also put the lights in the bathroom. They all hate me but I’m so happy that it doesn’t matter.

But also the bad one. For years I have not stopped saying that good service should be used for oneself and not for others. With courage we must take it out and use it, exploit it and love it. Abandoning him will not make him acquire value but will make him die and mortify him.

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