I’m a huge fan of Runlovers playlists; how could it be otherwise. I had never made up my mind to make a public profile with playlists. I have been using Spotify on a daily basis for years and I believe it is an essential tool for the survival of all of us. Over the years there are more and more interesting features and also the possibility of being able to upload and listen to podcasts. Thus the public spotify profile of was born (that’s how it is called) and inside you can find the first Christmas playlist. Others will follow. It’s called Christmas Lights and with enormous difficulty I chose only 30 (but how many are there? It was very hard!)

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I love them all but Close to you by Mario Biondi is in my heart. From minute 1.44 I sing it with a lot of that feeling that I get excited by myself (above all I am excited to think that even the neighbors within a radius of 20 km run away for the sweet voice that has always distinguished me).
There are many unmissable films to see rolled up in the plaid with a steaming cup of tea. It is not Christmas without Elf for me and for some years without “Someone Save Christmas”, or Christmas Chronicles. I fell madly in love with it on a very sad day. I generally never watch TV when the dark assails me so overwhelmingly. Then that day without even understanding why the index finger pressed index (thanks Mr. index!) And it was love. Infinite love. It became as good as an old movie. As if you’ve always loved it and I’m sure it will do the same to you too. Kurt Russel in the role of Santa Claus with the adorable Goldie Hawn – his wife also in reality – that I have loved since “Death makes you beautiful”. An armchair for two, needless to say but also Love Actually for a few years thanks to my wonderful friend Ombretta who made me discover it. There are the films of all time and then those that are added every year and become part of your heart and your traditions. They become in effect: family stories.

This is the first list I leave you. There are 31 titles for a truly incredible marathon. This year I plan to follow it. Forcing yourself to see a Christmas movie a day is good for your head, heart and life itself.

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