One of the fastest and most effective masks – together with the avocado one – I have been doing on my hair for years is that of yogurt and honey; if I don’t have yogurt at home I also use milk without any problem. I keep it in place for 30 minutes, wrapping it with film and then rinsing. Soft, nourished hair and if you have frizz problems it will be a real cure-all. I found it many years ago in one of those newspapers that deal with wellness – pardon I don’t remember exactly – and I have never abandoned it. A discovery that pleasantly continues to surprise me over the years.
clearly depend on the length of the hair so do some tests that will satisfy you.

2 tablespoons of natural unsweetened yogurt
1 tablespoon of honey
and if you want even half a teaspoon of castor oil
Honey really nourishes our hair a lot.

When I rinse sometimes I also put half a glass of apple cider vinegar which also makes them particularly bright but this mask already serves to restore shine to dull and dull hair that turns dry.

It is amazing how many times we are frantically looking for products that can somehow help our hair, our face, our body while it would be enough to run to the kitchen. Because if it is precisely there that when we cook we take care of the inside which will inevitably be reflected on the outside, it is at the same time there that we can find the necessary ingredients for wraps, masks, creams and treatments.

One above all is olive oil.

For millennia, its infinite health and natural properties have been known and it is hard to stop being amazed. Olive oil both on the whole body and on the hair provides substances that moisturize and nourish. I very often do the very famous banana-oil hair mask, which I keep on for an hour before shampooing at least twice a month, but in reality even the compress on the lengths with only olive oil is a real panacea for the my hair dry (only at the tips) and brittle at certain times of the year.
In addition to being a basic ingredient for nourishing masks, the oil on the hair is curative and should be used at least once a month. The ingredients to add, if desired, are few but very effective: banana, honey and egg are the triad. Making a home wrap is so convenient and easy that you should never forget it, instead of going to the frantic search for products that potentially make your hair beautiful and apparently luminous, but which in essence are just:

appearance, in fact.

It doesn’t care. Care is another thing. It is a simple, delicate and last but not least fundamental gesture.

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