The elf arriving from the North Pole (I leave you the video I made for IGTV below).

Because you may not know. No problem! I’ll explain it to you and I already know that you will do it to anyone who wants to know. Spreading magic and sharing dreams is always a good thing. Elf on the shelf is a book featuring an elf in a puppet format. You know those classic children’s books that rhyme with illustrations and a toy included? Here, that. Written by Carol Aebersold and her daughter Chanda Bell and illustrated by Coe Steinwart. It came out in the bookstore as a family game about ten years ago but thanks to the power of social media it becomes a real mania. For this reason, for some years also instagram has become the protagonist of thousands and thousands of shots of the most famous Elf on the web and in the whole world. The book tells that Santa Claus has trusted elves (precisely our Elf on the shelf) and that he sends them on an advance to find out if the children are good, how they behave and what they do. The elves then monitor and report to their leader what happens. The meaning is that of the mobile elf on the shelf who literally spies to report. After the day, in fact, at home with us and the children, he prepares to leave for the North Pole when everyone is asleep. He goes through a magical elven door to quickly reach Santa’s actions and then returns to the house in the morning. A nice spy, in short. There is a rule, however, which appears more like intimidation: never touch the elf because he could lose the magic and goodbye elven door, Santa Claus and gifts. For this reason – as happens in everything fortunately – various currents of thought have branched out. The fact of not touching it is too rigid for some parents and they still make them fall asleep, hug, fuss and interact with the elf. Dulling this concept of judgment on the part of the elf is a priority for some (and if I can have my say, I fully agree). Making children play the game more lightly is a priority (I also nod very loudly). The wonderful truth is that everyone then interprets in their own way.

On instagram iaiaguardo I dedicated stories, shots and a lot to my Elfo (and his friends), whom I called OSLAV (anagram of Salvo, or my dad yes). I have never focused on the figure of the elf, as mothers generally do on instagram, with daily adventures and pranks: also because I have no child to play with and Koi and Kiki hate him not too politely. I focused everything from a dreamy point of view, that’s all. As I said before: everyone can interpret in their own way. In the last three years I like to follow the adventures of different children, read the mothers and see the magic in the eyes of the little ones; not only actually because it is a way for us adults not to stop. To dream and be amazed. I also leave you some micro stories I wrote about Oslav.
Never before has there been such confusion in the elf dormitory. There was a great noise and the closets full of red pointy hats with a white band were emptying quickly. Thousands of folded red trousers and collars with triangular fringes placed on the trunks, inside the suitcases and on the bedside tables of every elf. No rules were respected the evening before departure. Crumbs on the wooden parquet streaked with tales of past days, furniture dragged back and forth, suitcases and large trunks moved. Some ate the hottest cupcakes in the North Pole: they looked like Red Velvet cupcakes, red like Rudolph’s reindeer nose.
Comet, Ballerina, Lightning bolt, Weasel, Freccia, Saltarello, Donato and Cupido, Santa’s reindeer, were down a short distance away in the garden enjoying the vegetable soups with lots of oats, prepared by the skilled hands of Mrs. Claus, who for weeks he kept running back and forth in the hope of helping everyone a little. There were forty-two days to Christmas and Santa Claus, the man with whom she had spent all his lives, was about to experience the most frenetic and demanding moment of the year. He had to deliver gifts to children – to puppies, kittens, mice and adult human friends – of all worlds and to do it best all the elves, his trusted friends and assistants, were about to leave. They would spend the twenty-four days before Christmas – Advent – with them and then report their behavior, customs and days.
Oslav stood motionless in his striped pajamas. He watched all the excited and impatient elves as they made preparations. He could not take a step for the emotion. It was his first assignment from him and even though he had waited all his life for this moment he was afraid of it. Terrified, he stared at his letter indicating his mission and destination: Iaia Guardo’s house.

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