Candy box cookies can never be missing; for Christmas but also just as Autumn arrives. To start dreaming a little.

Dreamy, easy to make and to watch from, imagining fairytale landscapes full of snow and happiness. It was one of the first recipes I published here on the blog back in 2010 when I moved from comics – which began in 2004 – to food (around 2010). In the last year (at the moment 2021 and therefore 11 years later) the blog has undergone a very strong restyling; and the old post about cookies that gave me the inspiration to bring them to my book is no longer there.

I have eliminated a lot of old contents – while keeping them as memories in the archive – in favor of something that was more useful. With the advent of social media, the form of communication has totally changed. Before there was only the blog and between a recipe, a drawing and a chat, the days were told. Now there are the stories, everything goes faster and we stop just a few seconds, the people connected have increased a hundredfold. The inputs and information are so many that it is difficult to follow and understand where to stop. It is no longer a niche but the entirety. For this reason the blog needed to become a tool as well. On social media there is no search button and it had become complex to be able to quickly answer the question “ya but the recipe x where is it?”; also and above all because for almost three years I decided to devote myself more to the instagram iaiaguardo; in fact, on Instagram I had never “positioned” myself in the food sector but only with the illustrations and the maghetta account.

I write “also” – “become in effect ALSO a tool, the blog” – because I will not transform it into a container devoid of any emotion making it a notebook of recipes. How could I? Certainly, however, everything that the stories of life are are inevitably translated on social networks.

I make them this way but you can use any of your favorite biscuit recipes; the important thing is that they are full-bodied and solid and not too crumbly. For a decade now, I have trusted only Montersino gingerbread. I’ll tell you how to do them in a few simple steps. They keep very well in tin boxes as long as they do not get wet and can be prepared well in advance. Generally I don’t exaggerate and do it seven days earlier. I know friends who prepare biscuits even fifteen days before but I don’t trust much, despite the first choice ingredients. I always prefer not to overdo it.
I will never try anything other than hers.

25 grams of whole milk, 720 grams of flour, 10 grams of chemical yeast, 2 grams of salt, 360 grams of brown sugar, 110 grams of sugar, 360 grams of butter, 10 grams of ground cinnamon, 25 grams of ginger, 90 grams of whole eggs.
Help yourself with the electric whisk after putting in a container: very soft butter, sugars, cinnamon, ginger and salt. Add the eggs one by one to the mixture (flush) and only then the milk, flour and yeast. The dough will be very compact but at the same time elastic.
Let it rest, which is always good, wrapped in plastic wrap for 20 minutes in the fridge. Once the time has elapsed, flour the top and make the molds. Obtain the central star.
In the meantime, insert the candies of your choice into a bag and reduce the candies to powder with a kitchen hammer or rolling pin.
They need to cook for 30 minutes at 170-180. It depends on the oven but after 5 minutes take them out and put the candy powder on the star side. Put back inside.
It is important that the candy powder does not cook throughout the cooking but only towards the end. It is important that it is really powdered so that it can melt and regroup perfectly. As it is important not to move the biscuits for any reason when they are still hot. In fact, the candies will not yet be perfectly solidified and the work will be irreparably ruined. Cookies and candy stars should be left to cool completely. Only then can they be handled because both the dough and the star will be very strong, rigid and resistant.

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