Into the Night is a beautiful Hocus Pocus Collection on Spotify and I like these days humming I Put a Spell on you. The Sanderson sisters, Wininfred-Mary and Sarah, are among the most irreverent and funny witches there are. After twenty years, and exactly in 2022, the second chapter of Hocus Pocus will be released; needless to say, I’m no longer in the skin. The three actresses through social media have reconfirmed their presence, literally sending the wild fans into a frenzy (do I say that among these there are me? I don’t think there is a need). Preview on Disney + (the countdown starts!)

Between potions, sap, immortal cats and three hundred Halloween nights that follow one another like in an eternity, the adventures of the three years later and endless plays on the remote control never tire. It is one of those films that you never stop watching, loving, smiling and dreaming. The wonderful Bette Midler, whom I love in every single interpretation of her, the perfidious and merciless Parker and Najimy give moments of hilarious fun.

On pinterest, an infinite well of ideas and inspirations, there are very few recipes dedicated to Hocus Pocus. “Bad, bad” I continued to mutter. I therefore promised myself to remedy this stratospheric gap. The political colors of Hocus da Pocus have always been the hair of the three Sanderson sisters: yellow in honor of Sarah’s blondness, black for the very nice Mary and orange for the – needless to say – favorite and wicked Winnie. When Winifred looks out the window saying “Good morning sisters, another glorious morning. I feel like throwing up!” I’m literally delirious (yes, I have a problem. Were one). The colors are perfect for Halloween. Orange, yellow, black without forgetting green are omnipresent in every recipe for a self-respecting Halloween. Strong colors and character that together create an absolutely perfect harmony. So I made this rice – not risotto – which in the end also turned out to be incredible.

The special ingredient? The black chickpeas! Mamma mia how good are they?
I cooked the chickpeas. I cooked the peas. I cooked the pumpkin in the oven with a little soy sauce by simply brushing the surface. I cooked the basmati rice and drained it al dente. At this point I put a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil in the pan and let the rice go. I added the soy sauce just to make it color. Peas, corn, chickpeas, a pinch of turmeric and Indian curry. And go! Served with pumpkin slices alongside.

Simple but delicious.
They are good as hell! I’m sure Winnie, Sarah and Mary would love these delicious pancakes. Find them here.

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