To the left of the Long Gallery, between the lobby and the Ritz Restaurant, is the Palm Court. Thus begins the video I made to introduce the Tea Book that I have been keeping here for years on the Blog within my Youtube channel; if you like, I invite you to subscribe because I don’t always update what happens on the Channel here on the blog. All you need is an email supported on gmail. You find me as a Maghetta.
I hope as soon as possible – after three years – a well deserved (this time it is really deserved) vacation and to be able to go right there. Drinking tea at the Ritz. Absolutely on my to do list of things to do as soon as possible. Mirrors and columns make an incredible play of images. If you’ve never seen the Palm Court, I invite you to also take a look at Google images. I always keep a .jpg format on Dropbox in my “Dream” folder. So when I’m sad I flip through it and I remember that I still have to do many beautiful things. Here, I told you my little secret. Give it a try because it works, you know?

There are mirrors and columns that catapult you into that world, which I confess was the only one that really intrigued me from a historical point of view. In short, let’s say that to the classic question “what period would you have liked to live in?”, It being understood that I would have said undoubtedly always and only mine, I would answer: Victorian English. I like clothes and houses. I like chess and twisted ladders. I like the greyness and buttoned collars. I like the idea of ​​the long skirt and covered necklines. I like elegance, manners and I like that slowness and grace. I like anything that is luxurious but not unrestrained and intrusive. I like the simplicity of a cup, even broken, taken at the market but in good taste. I don’t like excessive glitz but the whispered one. My soul has always and forever been Victorian. And the nymph with the young newts blowing in the shells where there are many goldfish – which I like to imagine how koi carp – become a destination for my thoughts. I would like to be there writing and drawing and if I am working hard it is because I know I will. Maybe forever, who knows. I like the idea that the color of the upholstery and lights was chosen based on the owner’s complexion. I like that there is France and also Italy. I love that you can’t get into shorts and all un-necked even today. Not out of respect for the gods but out of respect for oneself. I am not a moralistic bigot. I have tattoos and piercings. I like the all tattooed body and pink hair. At the Ritz with pink hair you can enter and even with all the tattoos but not in shorts. And I find it just perfect. A sacrosanct future that is mixed with an equally sacrosanct past where there are rules and a label. Because it is not the dress that makes the monk but, let me be granted, elegance is not a flip-flop, shorts and a transparent tank top. In short, I’m old and unpleasant.

This post, as I say in the video, wants to be just a small introduction to what will be a regular column as it has always been (and will be) that of “Tea with Agatha Christie”. I would like to dedicate myself more and given the positive feedback, I thank you, moved and I understand – thanks to you and all of you – that the direction is the right one. There are endless things to say, do, cook, tell and share. I’d like to know your tea time too. What do you prepare and if you’ve been to the Ritz. Or maybe you want to come with me. With the imagination we can find ourselves at the Palm Court. Chatting about books, Poirot and murderers. Investigate together between a cheese scones (I’ll eat the vegan version. It exists and I’ll make it for you) and a small piece of plumcake with lemon curd. I can’t say how often this will happen because there are no watches at the Ritz and there are honestly so many calendars in my life that I don’t want to have one even to remind myself that I have fun and don’t get away with much. But I promise you that when I can escape, have fun and stay here with you at the Palm Court it will be the first place I ever run.

I really hope to find you there.
for about 16-18 scones

350 grams of white flour 00
85 grams of cold butter
10 grams of baking powder
2 tablespoons of sugar
80 ml of milk
75 ml of natural unsweetened white yogurt or creamy white spreadable cheese
1 egg
milk for brushing
Put the flour and baking powder together. Add the cold butter and knead until crumbly. Now add the sugar and knead again. In a separate bowl, mix the milk, yogurt (or cheese) and egg. Combine the ingredients and knead well. Transfer to a floured surface and work adding flour if needed. Help yourself with a rolling pin. Roll out the dough until the dough is about 2.5 cm high. With a small round pastry cutter or with a round mold you get your scones.

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