When I talk about tea time – tea time – someone still turns up their noses. It seems to be old, outdated and stuff for bored women who don’t work. I can guarantee you that this is not the case and that as in everything you need passion, commitment and the desire to amaze yourself first of all. I like to reiterate that all this must be done for oneself because I deeply believe in it as selfish as I am. Yes, because I am not ashamed to always admit that my selfish component is rooted and strong. It does not mean that it goes to harm – or at least not voluntarily – who I love but I force myself in some ways to remember. Remember me.

I love to place the napkins and choose the tea, decide what to serve, how to match and the teapot that will be the protagonist. I love kettles, so much so that I have them everywhere, whether they are electric or cooker. If I ever had to choose the thing that most represents me, I would have no doubts and it is the teapot. I dream of a house that bursts with teapots and if you know me I mean: that it bursts even more. There is never enough space for the teapots and there is never too much what I dedicate to them. I look at them as if they were bags, I love them and I always choose carefully and I can’t stop dreaming of that Ritz. At that moment. Which I got to tell you here.

The salmon and cucumber sandwiches. The memory of Downton Abbey, which was one of the very few series that I am passionate about and that I have loved, of the crime stories of Christie and of that Victorian setting, which I think there is no longer any need to emphasize, makes my heart beat faster. In my office, which I hope you will soon be able to see because in a few days I will shoot the video with Guido, the cousin architect and genius who supported me and who continues to support me because the surprises are not over, in addition to the living room and kitchen in full Victorian style, slightly revisited there is also a corner with small small chess pieces that alternate and chase each other. There will be my tea room; that defining a room is excessive but. Micro tea room. I am looking for a three-legged table that I have in mind and I could design it (and maybe it will end up like this even if I would like to buy it antiques because I want it to have life inside and not to be born with me) and armchairs perhaps of the same color as the Ritz , otherwise the upholsterer will take care of it. I want to lock myself in there and sip Rooibos. I want to estrange myself and live in another time. Take refuge and make up for that time.

Tea, I will never stop repeating it, like herbal tea or infusion has a very important meditative power that is wrong to underestimate. As it is not organizing a tea with friends or simply with those you love. Also for dinner, you know? You can sip teas, perhaps low in caffeine, and delight in sweet and savory sandwiches, biscuits, muffins and quiches. This year I really want to organize tea with only the women in my life. Some will be missing because they are far from this triangle in the middle of the sea but in that case there is something even stronger than the presence: the memory.

And the memory is very often evoked thanks to the help of tea. A long time ago I told you about my teas with dad twenty years ago now. Of the After Eight. Laughter and even sandwiches. Everything mixes and lasts. It never fades. And sometimes my rational mind, staring at the bottom of a tea, begins to waver because it almost seems to really come to life. You almost begin to see letters and chapters in your life.

Exactly six days to a birthday that scares me. Because every year that passes it scares me more and more. I’m not ready maybe. But I will definitely be with a good meditation cup in hand. Today I propose to you these very fragrant ginger braids that were written in the Sacred notebook of Bodrum, so find somewhere. They always like them very much and I hope you can tell me the same.

So, what do you think? Do you organize a special tea this Christmas too?

The elevation is from the (I believe) continuing Ikea catalog
The teapot is from many years ago and I don’t remember at all. I think I physically bought it at Coin
The cups are Pip
The milk jug and the saucer are from Maisons du Monde, a fairly dated collection
150 grams of flour

75 grams of wholemeal flour

1 teaspoon of baking powder

15 grams of powdered ginger (half if you want it to feel less because 15 is a little)

125 grams of soft ointment butter

70 grams of whole cane sugar

30 grams of chopped walnuts

1 lightly beaten egg

pinch of salt

Sift the wholemeal and white flour together. Add the yeast and a pinch of salt. Add the butter at room temperature, very creamy, and then add the sugar and nuts. Work for a while, add the egg and continue working. By hand or with the robot. The ball must be perfectly smooth. Wrap it in cling film and leave in the fridge for at least 30 minutes.

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