Fruit in batter and pancake yield is an ancient and superbly good dessert. They are those preparations much more similar to rituals than to real recipes. And it is precisely the concept of ritual, linked to this year’s theme of witches, that I would like to deepen. Everything about cooking is parallel to the magical world of potions, precision and improvisation. Among the ingredients. To create a real magic. After all, if it remains glued to your heart and is capable of catapulting you even 20, 30, 40, 50 years back to that place. With that particular person. With grandmother. With mom. With dad: isn’t it magic? In fact, the taste is strictly connected to the memory. I can’t help but think of Muriel Barbery’s book Culinary Ecstasy every time. How even an industrial flavor can surpass a molecular recipe by AdriĆ , if when you unpack the package of a packaged brioche, the visual outline tells: life. Yours.
Apple fritters, like the cake itself, are capable of scenting not only the home and the heart but also opening doors. Invisible but existing doors of past lived worlds. And I am always there: on that ramshackle chair in the garden waiting for grandmother, right next to the well and the luxuriant vines. The fact that they never taste the same like cake – pasta – everything is not because the ingredient is different – the water was tastier – there was a secret (perhaps) but because it is missing. Grandma, or anyone interchangeable in memory. What I hardly understood is that I no longer have to try to replicate the same flavor. I just have to honor the moment. Because if I close my eyes while I take the first bite and I think it is next to me: the flavor arrives.
Just like magic.

You can make the batter by eye just like grandma, grandpa or mom or dad. Or the aunt. But in general, for three large apples weighing about 200 grams each, use 150 grams of flour, two eggs, 200 grams of whole milk and 10 grams of baking powder with a pinch of salt. Cut the apples. Dip in batter without waiting and fry in plenty of already boiling seed oil. I fry them one by one. Because I like to keep the oil temperature. When it goes down they all become soaked in oil and that’s no good. If you make them one by one you will see that they are crunchy. Turn when golden on one side. Dry on paper even though it assures you that by frying like this there will be nothing to dry and endless powdered sugar with cinnamon.

If you put the gummy candies in the shape of dentures right in the center, they are small monsters. Otherwise, just a few eyes will suffice. Apple pancakes are also a must for Halloween. For everything else, take a look at the Halloween story here!

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