Known as African red, it is an infusion made from a plant belonging to the Fabaceae family (from faba = broad bean, one of the most ancient legume species): Rooibos is made from dried leaves that are used to prepare an infusion that will leave you speechless. Of course you can also find it in handy sachets but trying the leaves, as always, you will notice a considerable difference. I like the color of rooibos because it is red, amber and at the same time almost golden. In Africa it is customary to drink rooibos together with milk and sugar and having tried it – albeit with a vegetable milk – I must tell you that it is something sublime. They say it tastes very similar to hazelnut but honestly every time – depending on the type – it’s a unique and different experience. For example, the caramel one, which you can find in different formats and one of the cheapest and best is certainly that of Demmers, has a huge range of other dried fruit. Rooibos is perfect for the Christmas period and paying attention you will notice that it is very present in the recommended selections. I’ll tell you just one: as far as I’m concerned there is only the Damman and specifically in the Christmas Tea package (heavenly!).

There is no need to add sugar because it is naturally sweet and if you are distracted like me you will not have to worry about the timing because while remaining in the infusion for longer, the taste will not be ruined. As if that weren’t enough to make everything already perfect, there is the absence of caffeine and this allows you to drink it in large quantities without having to worry about it. And that’s not all because rooibos is rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and minerals such as calcium, iron and potassium and more. If years ago you were entranced by Choco Tea, just to call it a good / cheap / “commercial” one, allow me, by already choosing a mid-range rooibos you will be delighted to say the least.

Rooibos can really bother the term of beauty elixir and long life, as it also affects the beauty of the skin and hair and not least on the proper functioning of the intestine. It is also a perfect drink in case of abdominal spasms thanks to the contained properties for which it relaxes the stomach walls (like most hot drinks in general). Of the rooibos they say wonders and there are many lovers of this wonder; especially the most avid foodies who love to insert many varieties of tea in truly gourmand dishes.

I read a recipe, just by way of memory because I would like to make it as an experiment and talk about it here, of potato gnocchi stuffed with fondue in Darjeeling black tea broth. Here I would like to try it with Rooibos because it tastes of honey and in combination with fondue I like it just as I thought. There will be a mess I already know but why not experiment. Together, above all.

Right now I’m sipping the rooibos in the photo. It is by Damman (purchased on the Illy website where I am very happy) “Roibos de Noel”, it costs about 95 euros per kilo, but it is found in comfortable (and smaller) containers – superfine and very elegant – made of tin from incredibly neat appearance. The Christmas packaging comes in different colors and the rooibos in question has a copper and gold colored tin. It smells like ginger but also tastes like spice biscuit. Or, again by Damman, the caramel Rooibos that has an unforgettable and refined flavor. If I wanted to start with a very special cuddle, I would start with these two but even simply in an envelope -from Demmers- that you can easily find on Ecco Verde is not a bad start at all.
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