There are many unmissable films to see rolled up in the plaid with a steaming cup of tea. It is not Christmas without Elf for me and for some years without “Someone Save Christmas”, or Christmas Chronicles. I fell madly in love with it on a very sad day. I generally never watch TV when the dark assails me so overwhelmingly. Then that day without even understanding why the index finger pressed index (thanks Mr. index!) And it was love. Infinite love. It became as good as an old movie. As if you’ve always loved it and I’m sure it will do the same to you too. Kurt Russel in the role of Santa Claus with the adorable Goldie Hawn – his wife also in reality – that I have loved since “Death makes you beautiful”. An armchair for two, needless to say but also Love Actually for a few years thanks to my wonderful friend Ombretta who made me discover it. There are the films of all time and then those that are added every year and become part of your heart and your traditions. They become in effect: family stories.

This is the first list I leave you. There are 31 titles for a truly incredible marathon. This year I plan to follow it. Forcing yourself to see a Christmas movie a day is good for your head, heart and life itself.
The moment is approaching (panic!) And I have a little secret that I want to share with you. Surely it will also be yours and I won’t tell you anything new, yet it happens that when I say it it is not so unusual to hear me say “but you know it’s a great idea? I had never thought about it”. Simple things always amaze and have an incredible yield, it’s really true.

I told you a little about my Christmas table here.

I have set up a cupboard on the dining table, near the kitchen, precisely because it is so important to have it. You can keep everything close at hand: tablecloths, cutlery and everything you need to set the table (and more). In my case – you read: for what I do on the web – certainly the situation is exaggerated and I have more than I need; I recognize it, God forbid and I understand that not everyone needs this space but what I have never told you is that I always keep an empty drawer (even two, to be honest. It depends) precisely because the periods change and the utensils of consequence. Especially at Christmas, Easter and in my case Halloween because if you follow me you know that I really like to celebrate it (subtitle: and to make every day a day of celebration. I try, in short).

The empty drawer allows you to put the Essentials. If you don’t want to do it for specific equipment, you can do it for these parties; maybe even take the opportunity to dispose of a little bit of stuff, reorganize it and do a sort of decluttering that never hurts. I did it just recently because I had to bring some things down to my new office – Victorian kitchen and living room -. I discovered that I have duplicates and things to give away: I never throw anything away because I am very careful and I hardly have damaged or disused objects and if they are, they enter the “photographic archive”, that is, in that place where I only keep things for the photographic sets and not to really use them in everyday use.

In the magical Christmas drawer I will put the napkin rings that I want to use, the serving cutlery, the servitorta and so on. There will be coasters and candles. Even the bottle caps; because Pier is a lover of good wine and even though I understand absolutely nothing of it and I feel bad just to smell it, I transform those bottles that I consider unsightly and terrible for the content (yes I know, I always exaggerate) into a sweetened version. I see them with the ceramic rabbit cap and I already feel better. Try making a magic drawer yourself if you have never tried it because you will find it will be of great help to you.
I tell you mine hoping to be of inspiration or help in the list of yours; if you want to give me the gift of telling me yours too, you will make me happy.

It doesn’t matter if they are precious or not; there are also some in rigid plastic of the Christmas colors par excellence – gold, silver, copper and ruby ​​red – that always make their figure. Certainly those in ceramic or glass are more elegant but putting the placemat is already a nice trick because the table will acquire refinement and savoir faire in a second. Try to set the table in the same way with and without under plate, you will immediately realize that the difference is abysmal. You can also find them at Maisons du Monde and Ikea at reasonable prices. Not to mention Amazon.

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